Sync Gmail contacts to your Nokia E72.

Here’s how:

Step #1: Locate and open the SyncML configuration application.
Depending on your E72 variant, such application might be located in different places in the menu. In my case I found it under: Menu > Ctrl. Panel > Phone > Sync

Step #2: Set up a new profile for Google sync by selecting Options > New Sync profile

Step #3: Select “Start” on the new profile wizard and fill in the input fields following the instructions below:

  • Profile Name: Google Sync (click next)
  • Server Version: 1.2 (click next)
  • Apps. in Sync: Make sure that only Contacts is ticked (click next)
  • Contacts database: contacts (make sure you spell it exactly like this, all in lower case or it won’t work, then click next)
  • Data bearer: Internet (click next)
  • Host Address: (note that it is important you use HTTPS so to have a secure connection, then click next)
  • ServerID: Google (note the capital G, it has to be spelled exactly like that, then click next)
  • User name: here type in your full gmail address you have associated your contacts with (e.g., then click next
  • Password: type your gmail password here, then click next and read the notification message that follows.

Step #4: Activate new profile
Click Yes to activate the profile you have just created. Google Sync will become your active sync profile. The screen will now show you the data types that are part of it. Only “contacts” should be marked.

Step #5: Synchronize contacts
Select Options > Synchronize
The sync process will start and your contacts will get synchronized from gmail to your phone. The sync is by default “Both ways” so if you already have any contacts data in your phone it will be synchronized to your Google Contacts. You can change that in the SyncML application by selecting: Options > Edit Sync Profile > Synchronization Type (select to Phone Only or to Server Only depending on what you prefer).

If you get some error, click Options > Edit sync profile and verify that you have typed all settings correctly.

One more thing: this sync process is manual. That means that every now and then you should go back to the syncML application (step #1) and start the synchronization (Step #5) to make sure that your phone contacts and your gmail contacts remain in sync. I do this about once a week or whenever I add a new contact to my phone and I want it immediately saved on my Google Contacts. This way I have a backup of all my contacts online in Google Contacts and I can easily restore them if I lose my phone, get a new one or use multiple phones at the same time.

NOTE: I’m not using this phone anymore. All guides are as it is. If you have solved something and want to share, let me know through comments and I post it up here with credits. Cheers!